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M-School Student Spotlight ll Alison Taplin l Class of 2019 l 5th Cohort l Meet Alison, a junior marketing major now in her second semester of M-School courses. Alison's favorite part of the M-School has been visiting all of the different ad agencies across LA in the New World of Branding & Advertising course. This unique opportunity has given her a deeper understanding of the industry and helped her decide on a future career path. A fun fact about Alison is that she made a meme last summer at her internship that now has over 27 million views!! #LMU #MSchool

As part of last semester's Creativity Lab course, student teams were tasked to create a brand inspired Rube Goldberg contraption using Little Bits. Many hours of planing and preparation for 16-seconds of glory. Check out Team @adidasā€™ mind-blowing machine šŸ‘† #throwbackthursday #LMU #MSchool

When you have one long weekend and forget everything youā€™ve ever learned šŸ˜³ The M School seniors are beginning a semester of creative brand management, stay tuned for updates on our "baby brands"!#lmumschool

Student Project Showcase

Here are some examples of the creative efforts of our M-School students:


What happens when Loyola Marymount University’s innovative M-School and Entrepreneurship programs partner up with VR industry pro Logan Mulvey, on-campus subject matter experts and a heap of talented students from computer science, film, design, marketing & entrepreneurship?


CRAM by Nature's Way Alive! -- CRAMthem Video

The spring ’17 Brand Planning & Campaign Strategy course tasked student teams to reposition Nature’s Way Alive! multi-vitamins to gain relevance among college-age millennials. This team (Holly DeAngelo, Emily Chidester, Sylvia Shin, Alison Sell) chose to develop an all-new product specially formulated for college students, called CRAM. This is their anthem video…or should we say, CRAMthem video.

VITA by Nature's Way Alive! -- Anthem Video

The spring ’17 Brand Planning & Campaign Strategy course tasked student teams to reposition Nature’s Way Alive! multi-vitamins to order to increaseĀ relevance among college-age millennials. The team (Mika Ohata, Preeti Kholi, Nikki Rathbone and Dee Divyendar) chose to pivot the brand away from traditional vitamin forms and and develop an all-new vitamin-enhanced beverage called VITA…with the promise of getting young peopleĀ back to feeling INVINCIBLE. Ā This is their anthem video.

MyCycle: The Escape

As part of the Fall 2016 M-School Marketing for Good project, students Jackson Red, Regan Smith, Zack Kluver and Kristen Reames, aka Team MyCycle, created this short film to highlight an often forgotten benefit of cycling–escape from monotony. Makes us want to go for a ride right now.

Marketing For Good Fall 2016

The M-School is ever dedicated to making our communities–both near and far–better. In the Fall of 2016, we launched the innovativeĀ Marketing for Good (what we like to M4G) Project which, in partnership with our neighbor The Dollar Shave Club, developed and executed original ideas all geared towards making the world a better place. Check out this short ‘case study’ recap video that tracks some of the highlights.

Office Hours

ā€œOffice Hours,ā€ by M-School students Abbey Healey, Amanda Lopez, and Lauren Mabuni, was created as part of the Making the Mundane Magnificent project in the Cross-Platform Content Creation course during Spring 2016.