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It's finally 2017! We are kicking off the new year by looking back on all the amazing progress our Marketing For Good teams made during the Fall semester. Check out the link in our bio to our newest video to see how our students worked to change the world one project at a time! #LMUMSchool #LMU #MarketingForGood

How we feel about finishing our #MarketingForGood projects! Thank you to our panelists and to everyone who came out to watch! Congrats to @banana.bank @icreate.official @sayittomyfacelmu @mycyclelmu @lmuhandleit & @jar_drop. Most importantly, thank you #Mandy for all your support 🎉 #LMUMSchool #LMU

Alumni Spotlight | Nicole Stadell LMU'13 | 1st cohort Account Manager @teads Nicole gave us the inside scoop of what it's like working for an agency. When creating media plans, being able to interact with both the client and the numerous publishers has taught her so much about being creative, efficient and analytical. She thanks M-school for pushing her to think outside the box and for giving her the hands-on experience needed to solve marketing problems, which was helpful in creating her career path. #MschoolAlumni #LMU #MSchool

Student Project Showcase

Here are some examples of the creative efforts of our M-School students:

Marketing For Good Fall 2016

The M-School is ever dedicated to making our communities–both near and far–better. In the Fall of 2016, we launched the innovative Marketing for Good (what we like to M4G) Project which, in partnership with our neighbor The Dollar Shave Club, developed and executed original ideas all geared towards making the world a better place. Check out this short ‘case study’ recap video that tracks some of the highlights.

MyCycle: The Escape

As part of the Fall 2016 M-School Marketing for Good project, students Jackson Red, Regan Smith, Zack Kluver and Kristen Reames, aka Team MyCycle, created this short film to highlight an often forgotten benefit of cycling–escape from monotony. Makes us want to go for a ride right now.

Office Hours

“Office Hours,” by M-School students Abbey Healey, Amanda Lopez, and Lauren Mabuni, was created as part of the Making the Mundane Magnificent project in the Cross-Platform Content Creation course during Spring 2016.

Seco Jackets

“Seco Jackets” was created from scratch as an output of the Marketing for Good M-School course project with the not so easy task to “make your community better.” The goal of this particular effort was to help our city’s homeless stay a little drier during the expectedly rainy El Nino winter as well to help give them a voice. Over the course of 15 weeks, the Seco Jackets team—consisting of Emily Baker, Michelle Truong, Michael Velasquez and Connor Wudrick—managed to raise nearly $2000 dollars, distribute over 150 jackets and tell dozens of their stories online. Check out this video that helped them to crowdfund support for their campaign and their Instagram to learn more.