M-School Institute of Marketing at LMU|LA


Student-run Agency

Agency-M is our very own student-run agency. The team is solely responsible for all M-School social media. They operate just like any other social media team with deadlines, roles and responsibilities, content calendars and occasional drama.


Isabelle Seddon Isabelle Seddon Co-Director | Class of '18 Kristen Reames Kristen Reames Co-Director | Class of '18 Emily Chidester Emily Chidester Co-Director | Class of '18 Jackson Red Jackson Red Co-Director | Class of '18 Nicole Rathbone Nicole Rathbone Copy-writer | Class of '18 Tristan Gerardo Tristan Gerardo Graphic Designer | Class of '17 Zack Kluver Zack Kluver Photographer | Class of '18


For regular updates and general shenanigans be sure to follow M-School on our social media channels.

In case you were wondering. #simmonsresearch #mediaandanalytics #lmumschool

M-School Student Spotlight ll Matthew Wong l Class of 2019 l 5th Cohort l Meet Matt, a junior marketing and economics major currently taking his first class in the M-School. So far, his biggest takeaway has been how to create an engaging presentation that holds emotional and functional value. He's most excited to use this knowledge in future jobs and internships. Matt has also developed an interest in the process behind successful idea generation, through careful and precise brainstorming. A fun fact about Matt is that he once summited an active volcano! #LMU #MSchool

Shoutout to this year’s Marketing For Good teams: @eggplant4everyone, @lmuriseproject, @lmupause, @lmu.tabletalk, @polywonks, and @dozolmu! Make sure to check out the great work happening on LMU’s campus and beyond. #LMU #MSchool