M-School Institute of Marketing at LMU|LA


Student-run Agency

Agency-M is our very own student-run agency. The team is solely responsible for all M-School social media. They operate just like any other social media team with deadlines, roles and responsibilities, content calendars and occasional drama.


Amanda Lopez Amanda Lopez Co-Director | Class of '17 Taylor Yada Taylor Yada Co-Director | Class of '17 Ariana Asgarian Ariana Asgarian Graphic Designer | Class of '17 Tristan Gerardo Tristan Gerardo Graphic Designer | Class of '17 Cara Lohman Cara Lohman Trend & Media Analyst | Class of '17 Caitie deLaroche Caitie deLaroche Social Media Coordinator | Class of '18 Kristen Reames Kristen Reames Social Media Coordinator | Class of '18 Izzy Seddon Izzy Seddon Student & Alumni Relations | Class of '18 Jackson Red Jackson Red Photographer | Class of '18 Zack Kluver Zack Kluver Photographer | Class of '18


For regular updates and general shenanigans be sure to follow M-School on our social media channels.

Not quite creating quality VR devices... but well on our way to creating quality VR content in our Virtual Reality elective! Shout out to Stephen Fromkin for teaching us about the benefits of Virtual Reality as a medium for storytelling #LMU #MSchool

Marketing in the Media: In anticipation of the Season 2 release of Stranger Things, Netflix has released a series of posters inspired by iconic 80's movies, including adaptations of the Jaws poster, Aliens poster and more! #MarketingUpdate #MSchool

"We don't grow into creativity, we grow out of it." -Sir Ken Robinson Thank you to Professor Stefl and Professor Malpartida for reigniting our creative confidence tonight in Creativity Lab! #LMU #LMUMschool