M-School Institute of Marketing at LMU|LA


Student-run Agency

Agency-M is our very own student-run agency. The team is solely responsible for all M-School social media. They operate just like any other social media team with deadlines, roles and responsibilities, content calendars and occasional drama.


Isabelle Seddon Isabelle Seddon Co-Director | Class of '18 Kristen Reames Kristen Reames Co-Director | Class of '18 Emily Chidester Emily Chidester Co-Director | Class of '18 Jackson Red Jackson Red Co-Director | Class of '18 Nicole Rathbone Nicole Rathbone Copy-writer | Class of '18 Tristan Gerardo Tristan Gerardo Graphic Designer | Class of '17 Zack Kluver Zack Kluver Photographer | Class of '18


For regular updates and general shenanigans be sure to follow M-School on our social media channels.

M-School Student Spotlight ll Alison Taplin l Class of 2019 l 5th Cohort l Meet Alison, a junior marketing major now in her second semester of M-School courses. Alison's favorite part of the M-School has been visiting all of the different ad agencies across LA in the New World of Branding & Advertising course. This unique opportunity has given her a deeper understanding of the industry and helped her decide on a future career path. A fun fact about Alison is that she made a meme last summer at her internship that now has over 27 million views!! #LMU #MSchool

As part of last semester's Creativity Lab course, student teams were tasked to create a brand inspired Rube Goldberg contraption using Little Bits. Many hours of planing and preparation for 16-seconds of glory. Check out Team @adidas’ mind-blowing machine 👆 #throwbackthursday #LMU #MSchool

When you have one long weekend and forget everything you’ve ever learned 😳 The M School seniors are beginning a semester of creative brand management, stay tuned for updates on our "baby brands"!#lmumschool